Introduction is an AI experimentation, development and deployment platform built on top of

Access to is available but we are working closely with customers to make sure we've built something customers love. If you'd like to give a try, click "Request Access" on and we will review and get back to you shortly. We're looking for customers who will give feedback and help us build an amazing product that people want.

What is makes it easy to experiment with, develop and deploy AI applications built on open frameworks. By leveraging the platform and including templates for common AI frameworks for RAG, Fine Tuning, Training, Prompt Engineering, Image Generation and Inference and AI Agents teams can experiment, develop and deploy AI applications quickly and easily.

  • Save time and easily experiment with common AI frameworks and AI approaches to meet your needs with Release AI Templates comes with pre-configured templates that work out of the box for a large number of common frameworks used in AI development. This eliminates the time needed to setup, configure and manage the AI stack needed by your organization. This also allows for quick and easy experimentation across the many different AI stacks organizations might choose for their application. Release AI has templates for RAG, Fine Tuning, Training, Prompt Engineering, Image Generation, Inference and AI Agents. See Templates for a list of the currently supported "Works out of the box" templates.

  • Develop and Deploy AI applications into production quickly and easily

Once you've decided on your framework and approach, is designed to make developing AI and deploying AI applications easy. With the platform powering applications integration into source control, remote development environments, gitops, CLI, API and workflow engine allow developers to integrate and extend AI application development into their software development process easily. All of the features for deploying and managing applications in production are available in

  • Run your workloads in the GPU Cloud's GPU Cloud gets you access to GPU's to run your workloads without having to source and find available GPU's. We have partnered with leading GPU providers to provide instant access to GPU's for your AI workloads. Pay by the minute, only for what you need. This option is best for one-off workloads, AI applications that use public data and experimentation.

  • Private AI Environments that deploy into your cloud infrastructure and data centers for AI applications that require data remain under the control of your organization.

Many organizations have proprietary data that would be useful in AI applications but allowing third parties to access the data is a non starter. With Release Private AI Environments, the entire AI stack including GPU's, data, the Release control plane, all run in your cloud account or data center. This allows you to completely self host and manage your AI applications without any dependency on third parties. You can also leverage any of the many Release AI Templates within Private AI Environments to make AI development under your control incredibly easy.

Startups that deliver AI applications can make use of Private AI Environments and Release Delivery to deploy their AI solutions into their customer's cloud account or data center. This allows startups that are building AI applications with customer proprietary data a simple and easy way to develop AI applications and keep their customer's data and AI intelligence private.

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