Application Template

How the Release Application Template works

Release automatically generates an Application Template based on the docker-compose.yml file from your repository.

The Application Template defines everything a new environment would need to deploy and run your application: services, jobs, which ports to open, hostnames, deployment workflows, and resource limits.

When you create a new environment, Release uses the Application Template as a starting point to generate an environment configuration.

The default Application Template generated by Release rarely requires any editing because it is based on your docker-compose.yml.

To view or edit the Application Template, navigate to App Settings and click the Edit button in the “Application Template” section.

Changes to the Application Template will not affect existing environments. The template is only used to configure new environments.

The environment_templates section in the Application Template describes differences between your ephemeral and permanent environment configurations. You will select one of these options when creating new environments.

See the Application Template Schema Definition for a detailed description of each section in the Application Template.

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