To use your GitLab repositories with Release, choose the "Sign in with GitLab" option. You'll be prompted to authorize Release for read/write access to the API.

Note that can you authenticate with multiple different source providers (for example, GitHub and GitLab). If you use the same email address for those providers, you will see a combined view of repositories for all providers, and each integration will appear separately on your user profile page.

Self-hosted GitLab

It is possible to connect Release with your self-hosted GitLab with a few extra steps. It requires some configurations on the GitLab side as well as some custom configuration on Release.

To get started, you'll need to create an application on your GitLab server. Assuming your installation is pointed at, you will need to create an application by going to The Applications form should look something like this:

You can name the Application however you'd like, but for clarity, you can name it Release. Then, you'll need to whitelist a callback URL that will be used by GitLab to finish the OAuth handshake. You'll also need to set the scopes so that Release has the right permissions level to interact with your repositories.

  • Redirect URI:

  • Scopes: api

Once you save the application, you'll be presented with information about your application. There will be an application ID and a secret ID. You will need those in the next step.

Return to Release and open the User Profile. You will be presented with all the version control tools that are currently supported by Release. For GitLab integration, you'll need to configure the section called "GitLab - Self Hosted". Click on Configure and enter the application ID, secret ID, and URL for your GitLab server. Given the example URL above, it would look like this:

  • URL:

  • Application ID: ID from the save screen on GitLab

  • Client Secret: Secret from the save screen on GitLab

Save the configuration and a new button will appear to connect to your application. Click on the button and you will be redirected to your GitLab Enterprise authorization page. When you first integrate Release with GitLab, you may see a warning page on GitLab asking you to confirm that you want to use the application you created above.

Authorize the application, and you'll be redirected to Release to start using your GitLab repositories with Release.

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