Tonic Cloud

Use Instant Datasets with Tonic Cloud


  1. A configured Tonic Cloud workspace.

  2. A source database previously connected to the workspace at least once (to configure the job and for any data masking or SQL scripts).

  3. An API key and a workspace ID from Tonic for Release to use on your behalf.

  4. A snapshot from AWS of the source database to use in the initial set up of the Instant Dataset.

  5. A VPC with at least one public subnet routed to an internet gateway (to allow connection from Tonic Cloud).

We create a security group and a DB subnet group to attach to a staging database that is then allowlisted to the Tonic AI static IP addresses.

Example configuration

type: tonic-cloud
    tonic_api_key_ref: $
    tonic_workspace_id: 12fdfa34-f56b-0baf-789b-de07b40564d2
    tonic_job_database_instance_class: db.t3.small
    vpc_id: 123

Schema definition

Root schema

    type: string
    required: true
    description: The database task to run (in this case 'tonic-cloud').
    type: object
    required: true
    description: An object with keys that will be specific to the task type.

Config object schema

    type: string
    required: true
    description: Tonic API key or reference arn to the API key stored in AWS SSM.

    type: string
    required: true
    description: The Tonic Cloud workspace to use for this dataset.

    type: string
    required: true
    description: The RDS instance-type for the src/dest databases used by the Tonic job.

    type: string
    required: true
    description: The VPC where we create the security group and subnet group allowlisted to Tonic Cloud for database access. 

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