Primary App Link

Assign a specific environment service to be the primary hostname URL

Release shines with multiservice applications.

Your application might have a frontend, a backend, a database, a caching server, and some APIs – all with public hostnames.

When linking to all of your app's services at once (for example, in Release's automated GitHub pull request comments), everyone on your team would need to know which link to click to get to your staging deployment.

Here's a GitHub comment with far too many links:

By selecting a Primary App Link, Release will show a single URL on your GitHub pull requests and in the environment list summary.

This is a Release pull request comment after selecting a Primary App Link:

Selecting a Primary App Link makes it easier to share ephemeral environments without flooding your pull requests with links to irrelevant supporting services.

To select or change your Primary App Link, navigate to App Settings, and click on App Link.

Click the dropdown to select the hostname template that you would like to use as your Primary App Link, and click Set Primary Link.

If you need to view other supporting services besides the primary app, it is still possible to see all the additional hostnames on the Environment Details page in Release.

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