Pause/resume environments

How to pause and resume Instant Datasets in individual environments

Instant Datasets can drive up the costs of your clusters, especially if your data requires larger instances. However, since environments are not used at all times, you can pause them to reduce costs.

Keep in mind that you can only pause ephemeral environments.

The following operations are done from the environment Details page.

Manually pause and resume ephermeral environments

Under the Action dropdown, click Pause.

Note that it may take several minutes for this operation to complete.

To resume the environment, click Resume under the Action dropdown.

Set up a pause and resume schedule

You can set up a schedule to pause and resume environments daily.

  1. In the environment Settings page, click Pausing Schedule.

  1. Select the times the environment should pause and resume in the correct fields. To pause the environment over weekends, check the box for "Stay paused on Saturdays and Sundays".

To pause ephemeral environments over weekends, leave the pause and resume time fields blank and check the "Stay paused on weekends" box.

Remove a pause and resume schedule

To remove a schedule, go to Settings -> Pausing Schedule. Click Remove Existing Schedule and your schedule will be removed.

  1. Click Create Pausing Schedule.

Remove a default schedule

This feature is only available for applications with a default schedule. Read more about default schedules.

If your application has a default schedule, ephemeral environments will pause and resume according to that schedule.

To remove the default application schedule, on the Pausing Schedule page click Remove default schedule.

To set a new schedule specific to this environment, follow the instructions under #Set-up-a-pause-and-resume-schedule.

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