Create an application

Learn how to create an application in Release

You can create unlimited applications on Release.

Note: Free accounts are limited to two environments at a time. If you're on a free account and already have two environments, you'll need to delete one before proceeding with this guide. To create more than two environments, upgrade your account.

To create an application, first log in to your Release account.

On the bottom-right card, click the create new app button.

  1. Create a custom application: If your application doesn't fit into one of the provided templates or if you prefer to start from scratch, you can create a custom application. This option gives you the most flexibility, but requires you to configure your application manually.

Create custom application

When creating an application in Release, you have two options:

  1. Create from a template: Release provides a variety of pre-configured templates for common types of applications. These templates include the necessary configuration and code to get started quickly.

Create from template

Servers and runnables

There are two types of applications you can create in Release:

  1. Servers: Servers are applications that provide services over the network. They are continuously running and waiting for requests to process. Examples include web servers, database servers, and application servers. You can also create multiple environments for a given server application, for example, a development environment and a production environment.

  2. Runnables: Runnables are applications that perform a specific task, run to completion, and then terminate. Examples include scripts, batch jobs, and fine-tuning AI models. You can only create one environment for a given runnable application.

Learn more: To learn more about the differences between servers and runnables, read Servers vs. Runnables.

When creating an application, you'll need to specify the type of application you're creating. This helps Release understand how to handle and manage your application.

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