This is a short guide to getting your first dataset set up and using one of the databases.

  1. Create a Release Instant Datasets account.

  2. Create a cloud integration.

  3. Create a dataset.

  4. Check out a database.

  5. Integration with our APIs.

Create a Release Instant Datasets account

Visit the Release Instant Datasets registration page and sign up with your email address or using Google OAuth. Verify your email by clicking on the link in the email Release sends you.

Create a cloud integration

Navigate to the Cloud Integrations page and click on Create Cloud Integration.

The cloud integration connects Release to your cloud account to orchestrate Instant Dataset activities there.

Give the cloud integration a name and select your cloud provider where your database snapshots are located. Click Create Cloud Integration.

Now you can configure your cloud integration.

If AWS is your cloud provider, you can click the Configure on AWS button to be redirected to AWS where you can set up a CloudFormation stack with a minimal IAM role allowing Release to manage your datasets.

Launch the stack, give it 2-3 minutes to create, and your new cloud integration should update.

Create a dataset

When your cloud integration is configured, you can create a dataset. Click the Create Dataset button to get started.

Give the dataset a name. In "Cloud Settings", select the appropriate cloud integration, the snapshot you want to use, and the instance type. In "Database Settings", add the database name, a user password, and the target number of available databases.

Click Create Dataset.

It may take up to a minute for the dataset to be initialized after which the target number of databases will be created. How long this takes depends on the size of your database, the instance type, and even the time of day, depending on the cloud provider and region, but it usually takes between ten minutes and an hour to create instances.

Check out a database

Once your dataset and its databases are ready, you can check out one of the databases to use.

Click into the dataset you created. Click Check Out to associate yourself with a database in the dataset. After checking out the database, click the Connect button to view different connection options.

Integration with our APIs

We've made all our Instant Dataset functionality available via REST APIs so that it is easy to integrate into your tooling. Documentation of all the endpoints can be found here.

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