Manage domains

View domains

Navigate to Configuration and click the Domains tab to view all domains associated with your cloud integrations. This page will show you the domain name, the cloud integration it is associated with, name servers, and the status of the domain.

Create a domain

Click the purple Create Domain button.

In the dialog, select the cloud integration the domain will be associated with and type in the domain name that will be used in clusters for your apps in Release.

Click Create Domain. This will create a DNS record in the chosen cloud integration and return the name servers associated to it.

Now you can use the given name servers to add NS and CNAME records to your DNS manager for the top-level domain you have used. In this example, the top-level domain is You can add an NS record to point to the given name servers and a CNAME wildcard record that points to Read our External DNS guide for more information on setting up your external DNS.

Verify a domain

Once you have updated the DNS records in your host, return to the Domain Info page and click the Verify button under the Actions dropdown to compare the name servers on Release to those associated with the domain.

In this example, Release will check to see which name servers are associated with using DNS lookups. If the name servers match, the domain will show as verified on the Domain Info page. Verified domains can be used later to create a cluster.

Remove a domain

To remove a domain, go to the Domains page and click the domain to see the Domain Info page.

Click the Delete button under the Actions dropdown to show the delete confirmation dialog. The Delete button will be disabled if this domain is currently in use by any running clusters.

You may only remove domains which are not in use with any active clusters. You can tell if any clusters are using a domain by navigating to the Domain Info page looking at the "In Use By" section.

Type in the word DELETE and click the Delete button. This will remove the domain from Release and attempt to remove any DNS entries created for it.

If the domain was part of an existing DNS entry created outside of Release, it will not be removed from the cloud provider. You may have to manually remove any entries which Release did not explicitly create in those situations.

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