Serial deployments

In Release, deployments are serial by default: all charts, services, and jobs execute in the order they are defined in the Application Template.

There are some cases in which the order of deployment may not be obvious, for example, whenever the keywords charts.all, services.all, or jobs.all are referenced. However, the order of each step in the array is normally well-defined and you can count on the execution order whenever the steps are explicit. The *.all keywords are used as a catch-all to ensure that no services or jobs are forgotten.

Here's an example to visualize the workflow:

  - name: setup
      - jobs.migrate
      - services.all
      - jobs.setup
  - name: patch
      - jobs.migrate
      - services.backend
      - services.frontend
  - name: teardown
    - release.remove_environment

This would yield the following steps:

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