Release uses GitHub Apps to allow you to control Release authorization to access and interact with your code on GitHub.

When you install the release-com app to your organization, Release will request the following permissions:

  • Read access to code and metadata: To pull your code and create builds for your applications.

  • Read and write access to commit statuses, deployments, issues, and pull requests: To interact with different features GitHub has built. All of these interactions are configurable in Release and are described in the child pages.

You can give Release access to all your repositories or only select repositories.

Webhooks Release listens for:

  • Code push: Update an environment with the latest code on a branch.

  • New pull request: Create an ephemeral environment for the branch in the pull request.

  • Reopen pull request: Recreate an environment when a pull request is reopened.

  • Closed pull request: Destroy an ephemeral environment when the pull request is closed or merged.

  • Labels on pull requests: Create an ephemeral environment when the pull request receives a specific label.

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