Release FAQ

Why was an environment not created for my Pull Request?

There are several settings that affect whether we create environments or builds for a particular Pull Request.
You can find these in the Account Settings page. Click your user icon in the top right, then Manage Organization. Click Settings next to the Account you would like to manage.
The first relevant setting is Create ephemeral environments on Pull Requests. If this is set to Off then Release will not create environments automatically, unless there is a value in the Create Environments by applying labels to Github PR's in which case Release will only create environments when that label is applied. If there is no custom label set, and Create ephemeral environments on Pull Requests is Off, then the only way to create an environment is via either the Release web app or CLI.
The other important setting is Create ephemeral environments for users who don't have Release accounts. If this is setting is Off and a user who does not have an account with Release creates a pull request, no environment will be created regardless of any of the earlier mentioned settings.