Environment configuration

Each environment has its own specific configuration that is created by combining the default value in the Application Template with any changes or overrides from the template your environment is based on.

There are only a few structural differences between the default Application Template and the Environment Specific Configuration found on the Environment Details page.

  • The environment_templates stanza in the default configuration highlights the differences between your ephemeral and permanent environments. When you create an environment, Release uses your template and defaults to generate an environment-specific configuration.

  • The datasets keyword can be included at the root of your environment-specific configuration, unlike in the Application Template. You can add and remove datasets for this particular environment.

Once you create an environment, it has an environment specific-configuration file. All deployments will be based on this file. Changes in the default configuration (Application Template) will NOT change the file going forward.

If you would like an environment to pick up changes in the default configuration, you need to delete the current file and make a new one. (Or just make a new file.) This makes it clear where changes to the current specific environment come from.

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