Getting started

Create and deploy Release environments, stream logs, and more from the command line.

Download & install

Usage docs


To install via Homebrew:

brew install releasehub-com/tap/release-cli

To allow the CLI access to your Release account, run:

release auth login

This will open a browser window and you can complete the login via the Release web UI.

If your browser doesn’t open automatically, visit the URL the release auth login command provides you with to complete the login.

Once you have installed the CLI through Homebrew, you should have access to shell completions automatically. If you don't, take a look at how to install shell completions manually.

Find alternative installation methods in our installation guide. The Release CLI is supported on macOS, Windows, and Linux.


See the command reference documentation for available commands and usage examples.

To get started quickly, try our CLI usage example.

You can also read about the CLI configuration.

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