release development start

Command reference doc for the Release CLI

Start developing in a remote development environment


This is used to enable synced mounts and port forwards to enable remote development.

First configure your environment for remote development.

Then run this command with the --envId and --appId flags set.

If everything is configured correctly, this command will open the specified port forwards, start syncing the specified folder syncs, start the desired command on each service, and stream the output of each command to ~/.release/dev/:appId/:service-name.log

release development start [flags]


--account <string>

Account name or ID (default: $RELEASE_ACCOUNT or "account" in config file)

--app <string>

App name or ID (default: $RELEASE_APP or "app" in config file)

--environment <string>

Environment handle or ID

Options inherited from parent commands

--config <string>

config file (default is $HOME/.release.yaml)


enable debug logging

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