GitHub deployments

In your Account Settings, you can configure Release to create GitHub deployments when your environments are created and deployed.

Find GitHub Settings at the bottom of the Account Info tab in Account Settings.

The "Send deployment updates from Release to GitHub PR's" setting is off by default. Turn this setting on to create deployments. If you're unfamiliar with GitHub deployments, please refer to the GitHub deployments documentation.

Release will create:

  • A pending deployment when the environment is created.

  • A successful deployment if the environment successfully deploys.

  • A deployment error if something goes wrong while deploying the environment.

The format of the name for the deployment is <App Name>: <User Name>-<Environment Name> (<Environment Handle>). The View deployment button will appear if your application has a single hostname. If your application has multiple hostnames, you can set a Primary App Link to let Release know which hostname it should use.

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