Release environment versioning

How Release versions environments

Environments in Release are configured based on your default environment configuration and your environment-specific configuration.

Each environment in Release is associated with a specific version string, which has the format of v{default}.{specific}. For example, you might see that a given environment is on version v1.2, which means it is based on the first modification of the default environment and the second modification of the specific environment.

  • The first digit refers to the version of the default environment configuration.

  • The second digit refers to the version of the currently deployed environment-specific configuration.

Find the version of a specific environment

Under each environment for a specific application, you can view the environment version listed as part of the summary, as shown in the image below.

In the Settings tab for the application, under Environment Configuration, you can view the environment configuration version, as shown below.

Default configuration version

The default environment configuration's version number will increment whenever you save either the environment configuration or the default environment variables.

Once you have created an environment, this digit in the environment's version number will not change if you update the default environment, as it refers to the default configuration the environment-specific configuration was originally based on.

Environment history

Release keeps a history of all changes made to the environment configuration.

In the Settings tab for any environment, under History, you can view the history of changes made to the environment configuration. This includes the date and time of the change, the user who made the change, and the version number of the configuration.

Deploy the latest environment version

After changing the environment configuration, you may wish to redeploy your application. You can redeploy the application in an environment by clicking the Deploy dropdown in the top right corner of the environment page and then selecting Deploy Patch.

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