Third-party services

When you host your software with Release, you can continue to integrate with third-party services as you usually would. In some cases, third-party services might ask you to allowlist (or whitelist) the IP addresses that your software will call out to their software from. Because Release automatically creates clusters and other networking infrastructure in your cloud account, you need to know how to find your main egress IP address.

You might need this to integrate with external services, including but not limited to the following:

  • SendGrid

  • Stripe

  • Twilio

  • Salesforce

  • Office 365

Finding your outgoing IP for AWS

When you create a cluster with Release and AWS, Release automatically sets up Kubernetes using EKS and a NAT gateway. A NAT gateway is the primary gate between the outside world and your clusters, so external requests from your software will appear to originate from this gateway.

To find your NAT gateway address, follow these steps (if you have Release clusters in multiple regions, repeat the steps for each region):

  1. Log in to your AWS account.

  2. Select the region your Release cluster runs in.

  3. Navigate to the VPC dashboard.

  4. Select NAT gateways on the left sidebar.

  5. Identify the NAT gateway associated with your Release cluster and look for "Elastic IP Address".

This is the IP address you send to any third-party providers that need to allowlist your IP ranges.

You can read more about how NAT gateways work in AWS in their docs.

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