Release AI is a way to talk to your underlying infrastructure in plain English and have it perform tasks with your context in mind. Ask it to list your containers or dependencies, check on cluster health, create cron jobs, and more!

Why we built Release AI

Every organization has its go-to DevOps engineers that everyone depends on for the relevant knowledge of systems, configuration, and pipelines. However, this creates a bottleneck of information that limits how quickly a team can move and ship. ReleaseAI allows anyone to become the go-to DevOps engineer without having to bug the go-to DevOps engineer.
Developed with developers and engineers in mind, ReleaseAI extends the OpenAI GPT-4 public LLM capabilities with the Release team's extensive expertise in DevOps to provide you with relevant context, control, and content tailored to your organization's needs.

What can you do with Release AI?

Talk to your AWS infrastructure
Talk to your Kubernetes clusters
Create cron jobs and reminders