Example prompts

Here are some example prompts to give you an idea of the types of things you can use Release AI for.

Interacting with Kubernetes Clusters


  • What profiles do I have?

  • Use the production AWS profile.

  • Give me a list of my S3 buckets.

  • What DynamoDB tables do I have?

  • How many records are in the route table?

  • What is the first record in the route table?

  • How many EC2 instances are running in us-east-1 and us-west-2?

  • What is my default region?


  • What clusters do I have?

  • Use the production cluster.

  • Open a shell in the temporal-worker-55dbb65948-dgjjx pod in the temporalio namespace.

  • Is my cluster healthy?

  • How many deployments do I have in all namespaces?

  • What storage classes are defined?


Prompts that include "send me" will send an email to the address you have set in Release.

  • What cron jobs do I have?

  • Send me my AWS bill for yesterday at 7 pm tonight.

  • Send me my weekly AWS bill on Fridays at noon.

  • Send me a joke every night at 10 pm.

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