Image pull backoff

How to debug an ImagePullBackOff error.
If you get an ImagePullBackOff error it means that an instance could not start because the image to build that instance could not be pulled from the image registry.
Often this is a temporary error, so retries will be attempted at increasing delays.

Steps to debug and fix

An ImagePullBackOff is usually a result of one of the following
The build failed
Try to kick off a new build. You can trigger a new build by clicking "Apply" under "Apply Latest Configuration" in the settings tab.
The Docker Hub integration failed
If you're pulling images from Docker Hub, you might not have set your credentials for Docker Hub. Make sure you've followed the correct steps to integrate Release with DockerHub
You have a typing error in the service definition
Double check your service definitions. A typing error or incorrect name can cause an ImagePullBackOff error if the specified image does not exist.
A network glitch
This is rare, but it can happen. Try again after some time and the problem can resolve itself.
Using underscores in the Release YAML file
Use dashes instead of underscores in your Release YAML file.
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