Release AI via CLI

A short guide to getting started with Release AI using our CLI tool.

  1. Join the Release AI Slack community.

  2. Create a Release AI account.

  3. Install the Release CLI.

  4. Use Release AI.

Join the Release AI Slack community

Join the Release AI Slack community to talk about Release AI and get helpful tips and tricks.

Create a Release AI account

Visit the Release AI registration page and sign up with your email address or using Google OAuth. Verify your email by clicking the link in the email Release sends you.

Install the Release CLI

Navigate to the Release CLI Installation page and follow the instructions.

Use Release AI

Run release auth login to authenticate, and then release ai chat. You will be prompted for an OpenAI API key the first time you connect to Release AI.

Create a cloud integration

When you first connect to Release AI, you will be using a demo cloud integration. To talk to your actual cloud account instead, you need to create a Cloud Integration on

Navigate to the Cloud Integrations page and click on Create Cloud Integration. The cloud integration is a connection to your cloud account that allows Release AI to talk to your AWS infrastructure.

Select the cloud provider and give this cloud integration a name. Click on Create Cloud Integration to continue.

Now you can configure your cloud integration.

If AWS is your cloud provider, you can click the Configure on AWS button to be redirected to AWS where you can set up a CloudFormation stack with a minimal IAM role allowing Release AI to talk to your infrastructure.

Launch the stack, give it 2-3 minutes to create, and your new cloud integration should update.

What can you do with Release AI?

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